Advanced Automate

  1. Title 3
  1. Professional
    Trusted provider in bringing superior quality of Automation Solutions
  2. Good Services
    Dedicated to deliver quality and timely Automation Products and Services
  3. Experienced
    Years of experience in supporting automation projects and portfolio
  4. Solution Provider
    Provide Customers with cost effective solutions and dedicated support
Portfolio 2018
  1. Terminal Pressing Machine
    Terminal Pressing Machine
  2. USB Connector Soldering Machine
    USB Connector Soldering Machine
  3. Cable Stripping Machine
    Cable Stripping Machine
  4. Jovil SMC-2 Winding Machine
    Jovil SMC-2 Winding Machine
  5. Jovil 4.5LSMC Winding Machine
    Jovil 4.5LSMC Winding Machine
  6. Jovil JV200 Winding Machine
    Jovil JV200 Winding Machine
About Us
  1. What is the Advanced Automate difference?
    Established in Singapore, Advanced Automate aims to inspire and provide business owners of innovative solutions so that they can fulfil their desire for full automation. Advanced Automate has representations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the Philippines. In addition, Advanced Automate solutions have been used in numerous projects in the Middle East, India and Korea.